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V8 party at the clubhouse - by Silver_MS 04/07/2014 @ 09:07

Rodders clubhouse V8 party from 5pm! Come down and meet the Bandag bullet driver Frank Gaffiero.There will be live music with "Cherry Devine", club vehicles on display in the street and our usual sausage sizzle. Don't miss this great night

The March Newsletter has been uploaded. Reminder there is a meeting tomorrow night at the Clubhouse.. See you all there.

Finally some news - by David 28/11/2013 @ 19:45

The December Newsletter has been emailed to me for inclusion on the website. It can be found in the Downloads area. Also you can download the latest copy of our Events Calendar which has also been uploaded.

Domain Name of Website - by David 21/03/2012 @ 00:19

The Townsville Rodders & Custom Car Club Inc. website has a new domain name.

Recently was registered to make it easier for people to find & remember the website. Searches on google for Townsville Rodders will be easier to find with the new domain name.

Any requests for the old townsvillecruzin website will automatically redirected to the new site

Anyone who has saved bookmarks to the old site, please change your bookmarks or links to the new domain.

The automatic redirect will stay active until June when the renewal for the old domain is due. (it will not be renewed)

I have also been working on localising our timezone on the website. The server runs on UTC time and we are 10 hours ahead. Hopefully if the correct time is displayed when this news item is saved, I have solved the problem. If not I will have to do some more research..

Townsville Storms - by David 20/03/2012 @ 13:49

Early this morning Townsville encountered a freak storm that devastated a suburb and affected surrounding suburbs.

Eighty kilometres south, Ayr had an intense downpour yesterday evening that flooded a number of houses and businesses.

To all those affected, our thoughts are with you.

Looking through some of the pictures on the Sydney Morning Herald website I thought I recognised one of the Townsville Rodders members. I hope I was mistaking.

Take care & stay safe..

Email Services - Newsletters - by David 02/03/2012 @ 03:26

After a number of changes, I am finally getting notifications through. The Server would not allow the Rodders website to relay mail to people outside of our local network, mainly to stop spammers.

Those who subscribed to the newsletter would not have received any of the previous notifications, So next vistit to the site they can check some of the old news items.

There is a BBQ Brekky this Sunday, details in a previous newsletter. So follow the link to check it out.

Anyone joining up will now get the activation emails.

Website Mailing - by David 01/03/2012 @ 14:03

I had been trying to work out why new members were not validating their accounts and finally realised that the website automated emails were not getting out of our mail server.  There was a security rule in place that prevented the website from sending emails outside of our local network.  I have modified the server now so it should be working.

All those who subscribed to the newsletter notifications should now see this notice. There are older news items that you would not have received an email notice for, but you can still view them online at

Anyone who has recently registered will (hopefully) receive an email as I manually validate their account. When you do log in you will be prompted to update your account and all should go ok.

Thank you for understanding. 

Club BBQ Sunday 18th March - by David 01/03/2012 @ 10:05

18th March 2012. A BBQ Brekky commencing at 7:30am until 9:00am will be held on the Strand beside the Tobruk Pool.  Bring you Daily Driver, Rod, Classic or Custom car along to hte BBQ.  Please RSVP by March 10 to kennythefly -a-t- or 0407747981. Alternatively Contact Liberty (Club Secretary) for more info and details. ASRF SA 105-02-2012

February March 2012 Newsletter - by David 01/03/2012 @ 09:58

The Club newsletter for February & March 2012 is now available for download. Go to the download section to access it.

Rodders Logo - by David 29/02/2012 @ 12:50

The website has been running for a little over a month now without too many hickups. Some of the Townsville Rodders members have logged in and signed up.  I am still developing the actual coding behind the scenes to keep the site running.  I have set it up so that as someone registers an email is sent to them. Once you get the email there should be a link in the message that you will have to click on or copy into your browser. It is important to do this step as this will activate your account.

I hope this works correct and I need some feedback on wether or not it did actually work. Remember I am behind the actual server and do not see it from the internet.

Also I need some help with a logo that can be used.. Something a bit more updated than what I scanned from a newsletter.. So if you can use a graphics program and have a little artistic flair, please send a few pics in.

See you at the meeting next Tuesday Night.

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